Personal Styling Women’s E-Diploma

Abbey Booth · March 28, 2020
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Hello and welcome!

A warm welcome to your course from LCS. Written by leading Personal Stylists in their field, this certified E-Diploma offers you the potential to transform your passion for Personal Styling into a successful business as you master the skills needed to engage clients and build your brand.

You’ll learn how to develop happy client relationships, create a successful professional reputation and grow your business.

You’ll learn how to deliver a style experience that’s bespoke to each client and how to run successful Wardrobe Edits and Personal Shopping services, both face-to-face and online.

This course includes all the information you need to deliver exceptional client experiences. You’ll also learn how to establish happy relationships with your clients where you over-deliver, and how to utilise client testimonials and reviews to help grow and expand your business.

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Learning Platform Orientation Video

Important: Please watch this video before starting your course to familiarise yourself with the learning platform and its features and functions.

Course Modules

Your course has been divided into eight learning modules. Each module is filled with relevant topics to learn and explore. Every week a new module will unlock, allowing you to complete your course in eight weeks. Your course has been structured this way to benefit your learning, and you’ll be engaged with Masterclasses and Live Session tutorials where you can chat to your tutor and get feedback on your work. You’ll be asked to complete a series of Quizzes and practical Mini Tasks each week.  Mini Tasks are uploaded in the Creative Studio where you’ll share these for tutor and fellow student feedback and engagement.

We’d love to know more about you, so feel free to upload your profile photo and some details about yourself within your account settings, as its always nice to put a face to a name.

Now some more about the platform and how things work!

Quizzes & Final Assessment Task

At the end of each module, you’ll be asked to take a quiz to assess your learning. Quizzes in Modules 1-7 are test-based and make up 70% of your final score. You’ll then be asked to complete a final practical assessment task in Module 8 will accounts for 30% of your final score. At the end of the course you’ll receive personalised feedback from your Tutor, your overall mean score and grade and Diploma Certification from LCS.

An overall mean score of achievement will then be used to award your diploma at Pass, Merit or Pass with Distinction levels of achievement. You’ll need to obtain a minimum of 70% to pass the course and each of the learning module quizzes.

Overall Final Score

(Mean Score) %

Final Grade Awarded
90% – 100 % PASS with DISTINCTION
80% – 89% PASS with MERIT
70% – 79 % PASS


Your grade average is calculated as a mean score over the 7 module quizzes and your final assessment task.  You’ll need a 70% grade average to pass the course. Quizzes can be re-taken again only once. You score on your first, or second attempt if you decide to re-sit the quiz will be taken as final. If you do not obtain 70% in a particular quiz score, higher scores in alternative quizzes can even out results or additional points awarded in your final assessment task. If you’re stuck on modules or have difficulties in understanding quiz requirements, you can seek support from LCS tutors. We’re here to help and support you every step of the way.

Creative Studio

Alongside the modules and quizzes, you can engage with tutors and fellow learner in the Creative Studio. Inside the studio, you’ll find various discussion groups where tutors will engage with you. Ask questions and seek feedback here, as your questions will benefit other learners too, and will open up discussion as well as establishing a community. You’ll upload your Mini-Tasks here to receive feedback, support and encouragement here.

Mini Tasks

Mini Tasks sit alongside quizzes and relate to learning in each of your modules. We do recommend that you engage with these as much as possible, to gain the most from your learning and time with us. Mini Tasks offer creative and practical engagement and are a great way to build connections with the LCS community, as well as receiving personalised feedback from LCS Tutors on your strengths and areas for improvement.  Upload completed Mini Tasks in the Creative Studio.

Masterclasses & Live Sessions

Masterclasses can be either live or pre-recorded. Stream your Masterclasses in your learning modules and join tutors in weekly Live Sessions tutorials for feedback on Mini Tasks, ask questions and seek on going engagement and support. Your schedule of Live Session Masterclasses and recordings can be accessed in the Creative Studio, in the Live Sessions (Schedule & Recordings) discussion group. Access the Zoom link here and log in at the designated time each week.  If you miss a Live Session there will be recorded, where links to access recordings can also be accessed here.


Look out for this tab

Materials are additional learning resources that can be downloaded in each module. These could include:

  • Templates for your business
  • Downloadable course content
  • Learning resources 

Ensure you download and keep your materials safe. They’re yours to keep!

Tech Support

To access tech support about any issues you are having with the system’s functionality, please email the LCS Tech Support Team on:

and a member of our team will get back to you.


This is a 2-month course. If you intent that you start your own business, we recommend that you keep to the 2 month timeline to complete your course, however you have up to a year to access the system and complete your quizzes and task.

Top Tips

Look out for this tip.

During key modules, you’ll also encounter ‘Top Tip’ boxes, which are industry insider hacks and tips relating to your various topics of learning. Look out for this icon to find Top Tips in each module.

Final E-Diploma Certificate

Your final certification will be sent to you digitally at the completion of your course. Your E-Diploma is certified by the London College of Style as accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC). An option to have your certificate printed and posted to you is also available for an additional handling and postage charge. You’ll be sent information on how to obtain this at the end of your course.

LCS Talent Successes

We’re honoured to have trained hundreds of emerging talents, just like you, who have reached industry success with LCS training. To make your learning experience more enjoyable and to encourage you with some ‘you can do this too’ motivation, we’ve placed some LCS-trained success stories throughout the course. We’ve asked them to offer up insider advice and industry top tips from their experiences of the industry post-training. Just like you, each emerging professional started at LCS with drive and commitment, and with support they are now flourishing in their chosen career paths.

We’d like to wish you the very best of luck with your learning, and thank you for choosing LCS as your number one online training provider. And we hope that you’ll join our featured Success Stories in the months to come!

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