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Section 2: LCS Course Welcome

LCS Online May 8, 2020

Welcome to Colour Analysis for Creatives! We are so excited that you have joined us and started your own journey of discovery in this exiting and highly relevant subject.

There could be any number of reasons why this course appealed to you. Maybe you have decided to join us for your own interest, and would like to know more about colour and how to highlight your natural self through clothing, hair and make-up? If so, you’re joining many that have come before you who are reaping the benefits of colour knowledge. We look forward to sharing with you the power of colour analysis in enabling increased confidence to stride through life as your best self, achieving your dreams and goals.

You may also have embarked upon this course as a working professional, who’d like to add Colour Analysis with reference to seasonal personality as an additional skill to your remit. Hairdressers, Makeup Artists, Interior Designers, Home Stylists, Personal, Fashion and Celebrity Stylists as well as trained colour experts work with clients and client briefs in helping them achieve joy and confident powerful choices through colour.

For client’s as individuals, selecting complementary colours that work with natural characteristics, is an immediate confidence boost, as they can see the visual impact created has a powerful effect. Skin looks clearer, lines are less noticeable, clients note looking and feeling younger, more vibrant. As we’ll learn through this course, colour can also influence the way others perceive you, and many before you have attributed personal and professional success to unlocking the powerful potential that colour holds.

The colour knowledge embedded in this course can also be applied to any number of other creative working professions and specialisms, including interior design as mentioned to fashion or accessory design and illustration, graphic and digital design industries. And then there’s print illustration and art, the influence of colour psychology when used in advertising or marketing and not to mention countless other creative fields where colour knowledge may be applied. With a solid foundation of knowledge in colour, the sky’s the limit!

Whatever your reasons or motivations for joining us on this course, we’d like to offer you a warm LCS welcome and share at this point, our commitment to support you throughout your modules of learning.

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