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Module 1, Topic 51
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Influencer & Blogging Course Intro (delete)

LCS Online May 12, 2020

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A warm welcome to your course from LCS. Written by leading influencers and
bloggers this certified E-diploma offers you the potential to transform your passion
for social media influencing and blogging into a successful business, or the means
to successfully market an existing business.


You’ll learn how to write engaging content, including attention-grabbing headlines,
how to develop your brand and create a tone of voice for it and how to write a
‘selling blog’ for paying clients.


From setting up your blog and choosing a design template to working with technical
elevation tools including blogging plugins, the course takes you from the early
stages of planning and conceptualising a blog, to developing your business and


You’ll discover how to network and work professionally with brands including how
to attend industry events, how to establish yourself as an influencer and how to
increase the visibility of your blog, helping transform your creative future.

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