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Colour Analysis 8.8

LCS Online June 12, 2020

Now that we have a good basic understanding of colour and colour mixing, we can start to look at how this all fits our clients needs to share their best colours.

Colour Analysis works in connection with the skin, fits into Cool and Warm categories, and the four seasons of Cool – Summer and Winter and Warm – Spring and Autumn. Through a detailed analysis, we can discover the season that represents our client and who they are, creating a bespoke palette of colours to help make them look their youngest, most vibrant and glowing selves.

Of course, as humans, we rarely fit neatly into one category; however, we find that most people do have a dominant colour season. When they wear or use the colours associated with that dominant season through their lives, they will feel balanced and also look their best.

Colours also work with hair and eye colour, and bringing it all together builds a very accurate picture of the colours which are going to complement your client best. So, to start, let’s take a look at colour in terms of our clients.

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Nina Johnson has chosen to focus on mindful dressing. She says:

‘I am a huge champion of mindful dressing, and the power that it can have for your clients is a revelation. Mindful dressing is essentially, being aware of the choices we make with regards to the clothes that we put on. Whether it’s flattering styles for our body shape or the tones of colour to most complement our skin, it can be the most transformational part of a clients’ style journey with you and such a joy to watch as a Personal Stylist.

I have always had a passion for colour, but I would say it definitely evolved following my course at LCS, which has indeed been life-changing for me. The Colour Analysis process is something quite magical and extraordinary! There is nothing quite like it when you start to see the smile on a clients’ face, as they discover the power of colour. Not only does it impact appearance, by using colour mindfully it can have a psychological effect on emotions, releasing happy hormones and in turn boost their self-esteem and general well-being. My role as a Personal Stylist is so much more than just choosing clothes for someone to wear. It’s about empowering them to enhance their style identity and ultimately discovering new confidence.’

‘It was such an inspirational experience. Being shown what colours enhance my skin tone has truly given me a newfound confidence’ – Feedback like this is precisely why I do what I do!  |  Instagram @_ninavictoria_

Cool clients tend to have Pink or Blue undertones to their skin. Their hair can be blonde through to darker brown and even a Bluish-Black, but it will have ashy tones to it and definitely no Golden or Red tones.

Our Warm clients will have a Yellow, Tawny or Peachy undertone to their skin. Their hair will be light Golden blonde, medium Brown, Red, auburn or dark Brown or Black.

We will look in more detail at the specifics of skin, hair and eye colour and personality for each of the seasons in Modules 3 and 4. For this module, the exciting thing to know is that by learning to understand colour and how it is mixed and categorised, (as well as mastering the different ways of combining colour which you will learn through this course), we can help our clients to understand colour better and to advise them, so colour affects them in a compelling, positive and uplifting way!

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