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Module 1, Topic 51
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8.6: Mini Task

Code23 Online June 29, 2020

Mini-Tasks sit alongside quizzes and have been included to enrich your learning and self-development. Complete the task(s) each week and upload them to the Creative Studio, ensuring you upload them in the correct module discussion group for tutor feedback and support from fellow students.

Task 1:

Please review your thoughts from Module 1. We asked you to share what you were hoping to achieve on this course, and to share your goals on completion.

Task 2:

Compare your earlier thoughts to now. What are your thoughts heading towards the finish line? Where you would like to take your newfound skills following this course?
Please tell us in a couple of clear paragraphs whether you are thinking of setting up your own business, whether you would like to continue with further skills learning, or if you your plan to integrate your skill into an existing business, or to secure an employed role using your new skills?


  1. Title each image clearly with your name
  2. Save your work as a JPEG
  3. Upload these in the Creative Studio for Module 8

PLEASE NOTE: Tutors will provide feedback and support on a weekly basis. Please allow them time to review and feedback with comments. Thank you.

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