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8.15: Mini Task 8

Code23 Online June 29, 2020

Your final task forms part of your overall assessment and is the only practical task to be formally graded. Mini Tasks in modules 1-7 were for your learning and development only.


You have been asked to complete the following personal styling experience, which is broken down into three steps, each carrying a potential maximum score of 10% each. This final task forms 30% of your final score.

Please read these carefully. We ask that you try to complete the tasks within 7-14 days, but take more time if you require. A tutor will mark your work and you will receive personalised one-on-one feedback, your final score and certification. Please allow seven working days for your tutor to mark work and complete this. You must complete all three steps.

Look at the steps numbered 1-3 below to complete a Wardrobe Edit experience from start to finish with a real client. You can use a friend or family for this task, and it can be delivered online or in-person if safe, for valuable practise.


1. Personal Style Assessment

2. Wardrobe Edit Prep

3. Wardrobe Edit try on and follow up

Step 1

(10 %) Deliver your Personal Style Assessment online, analysing your client’s body shape with the Body Parts approach, using your Personal Style Assessment template. Ensure your chosen client dresses in close-fitting clothing in one colour, to assess her shape with accuracy. Clearly identify her body shape and best features, including detail on body and leg length, tall, petite categories etc., where applicable.

In a short paragraph, share your findings and upload with accompanying visuals to justify your decisions to the Creative Studio. Also, identify her Style Personality and share the relevant personality mood board with your client to discuss her individual personality nuances, so she has a visual guide to her personality within her personal style. Upload your mood board to the group, within the Creative Studio, with a list of go-to brands for your client that demonstrate you know who she is and where you would shop with her – or for her if online – to reflect her personality.

Step 2

(10 %) Share your Wardrobe Edit Assessment Template branded with your logo to your client and ask her to complete it for discussion via video call ahead of the edit. Ask her to share with you images of her entire wardrobe space, for you to assess the volume to edit and cost the edit accurately. Conduct an online video call to run through her completed assessment form, and set her expectation ahead of the experience. Upload the completed Wardrobe Edit Assessment form, outlining your client goals with supporting client wardrobe visuals to your group for discussion in the Creative Studio.

Step 3

(10 %) Deliver an Online Wardrobe Edit. Ensure your client is prepped in advance with clear communication, and include visuals to confirm she has turned the hangers facing outwards on all items she doesn’t wear or doesn’t like. Deliver the process of Wardrobe Edit online, with you leading the experience. Ask your client to take before and after images through the experience to share with you. Ensure she takes images to include at least three of her best looks styled by you. Also ask her to take images to demonstrate a pile of items for charity, alterations etc.

Follow up with your client. Recap the Edit experience to her, share her personal shopping wish-list of key items to expand her wardrobe as an effective capsule, and aim to secure a date to shop on her behalf online. Share two short paragraphs to upload to the group on the Creative Studio on 1) Your client’s Wardrobe Edit goals; and 2) Your Wardrobe Edit recap explaining clearly how you led her through the process and met her goals, including a selection of visuals illustrating at least three successfully styled looks.

Finally ask your client to provide you with a testimonial about her Wardrobe Edit experience with you, and upload this for discussion too with your group and your tutor within the Creative Studio.

Be sure to seek full permission from your client to share their image and any personal details related to Tasks set by Tutors in the LCS Creative Studio discussion groups. LCS will not use, share or disclose any photographic or personal information externally, or use the information for any other purpose. Your work will be shared with other learners on the course, so please do not disclose private or personal client information without seeking full consent from the person(s) concerned.
For more information on data and privacy, please read HERE.

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