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Module 1, Topic 51
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1.9 Teams Task

LCS Online May 15, 2020

Body Analysis 

In this module we have covered many aspects that are important to consider when assessing your client’s body shape. 

For Teams Task 1, we’ll ask you to analyse a friend of family member and put together 5 wardrobe hero pieces the you initially think would flatter her body shape to upload to teams.


Follow the simple steps this week and be lead by your tutor.  


  1. Begin by asking a friend or family member to be your client.  If you’re unable to meet in person due to social distancing that’s fine.  A recent photo of you ‘client’ will suffice.  Ask you friend or family member to share a photo with you.  Remember, a photo of them in fitted black clothing against a white wall will make your job easier.


  1. Analyse the body shape as one of the body shape classification as listed above.  Write a few sentences to justify your classification.


  1. Using online stores, pull together a 5 wardrobe pieces to create a look for your client.  Justify your choices in a short paragraph detailing how they’d benefit your client’s natural body shape.  Use bullet points and keep your answers concise and to the point.


NOTE: You will not be able to share your work until Teams Group has officially begun.  Check your emails for sign up dates and an induction with your course tutor.


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