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Module 1, Topic 51
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1.11: Minitask

LCS Online June 16, 2020

Mini Task 1: Colour Analysis for Creatives 

Mini-Tasks sit alongside quizzes and have been included to enrich you learning and self-development. Complete the task(s) each week and upload them to the Creative Studio, ensuring you upload them in the correct module discussion group, for tutor feedback and support from fellow students.

Task 1

We would love to know your motivation for signing up for this course. 

In a paragraph or two, tell us why you signed up, what your motivation was and what your longer-term goals are, if you have any, for after you have completed your studies.

Task 2

Write a short description, suitable for explaining to a prospective client, about the origins of Colour Analysis.

Bear in mind that clients aren’t too bothered about facts, figures and dates, they want to know that it is something well established with a good basis in truth, so explain it from that point of view.

Again, just one or two short paragraphs is enough.

Please make sure you:

  1. Upload your work in the Creative Studio under Module 1.

Please Note: Tutors will provide feedback and support on a weekly basis. Please allow them time to review and feedback with comments. Thank you.

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